Yoga Cards for Kids: Dinosaur Poses

Yoga Cards for Kids: Dinosaur Poses

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Stomp, stretch, and ROAR! This printable packet is filled with fun Dinosaur Yoga Poses for Kids!

Included in this Packet:

  • Airplane Pose: Fly around like a Pterodactyl!
  • Mermaid Pose: Stretch high like a Diplodocus!
  • Happy Baby Pose: Rock side-to-side like a Baby Dino hatching out of it’s egg!
  • Horse Pose: Stretch out and explode like a Volcano!
  • Rabbit Pose: Pretend your arms behind your back are Stegosaurus plates!
  • Salutation Seal Pose: Pretend your hands are a Dilophosaurus fan!
  • Table Pose: Crawl around like a Triceratops!
  • Chair Pose: Stomp around like a T-Rex!
  • Frog Pose: Pretend to be a Dimetrodon showing off it’s back fin!
  • Upward Facing Dog Pose: Stretch your chest high like a Brachiosaurus!
  • Tree Pose: Stand tall and ground yourself like a Jurassic Tree!
  • Windmill Pose: Stretch out and touch your Dino Feet!

** This is a digital product. You will receive a PDF or .zip file for you to download and print.