Yoga Cards for Kids: Zoo Animal Poses

Yoga Cards for Kids: Zoo Animal Poses

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Yoga is a fantastic activity to get kids up and moving! This printable packet is filled with fun Zoo Animal Yoga Poses for Kids!

Included in this Packet:

  • Tiger Pose: stretch your arms and legs as you stride like a tiger and purr!
  • Giraffe Pose: stretch tall and proud like a giraffe!
  • Monkey Movement: swing like a monkey!
  • Flamingo Pose: balance gracefully and stretch your wings like a flamingo!
  • Lion's Breath Pose: relax and take a lion sized breath!
  • Turtle Pose: twist and stretch while you pretend you are a turtle with a sturdy shell!
  • Table Pose: pretend to be a proud zebra as you stretch your back and hold your head high!
  • Happy Baby Pose: rock side to side like a cuddly koala!
  • Cobra Pose: stretch and hiss like a fierce cobra!
  • Balancing Table Pose: swing your arms and stretch your elephant trunk as far out as you can!
  • Wide Angle Pose: relax and sit like a panda enjoying a delicious piece of bamboo!
  • Upward Plank Pose: ease back and sunbathe like an aligator!

** This is a digital product. You will receive a PDF or .zip file for you to download and print.