Yoga Cards for Kids: Ocean Animal Poses

Yoga Cards for Kids: Ocean Animal Poses

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Yoga is a fantastic activity to get kids up and moving! This printable packet is filled with fun Ocean Animal Yoga Poses for Kids!

Included in this Packet:

  • Bow Pose: bend your back into a bow like an arching whale!
  • Star Pose: stretch out big like a starfish!
  • Reverse Table Pose: crawl around like a crab!
  • Rabbit Pose: point your hands in the air like a shark fin!
  • Turtle Pose: pretend to be a turtle withdrawing into it’s shell!
  • Salutation Seal Pose: practice deep breaths and puff up like a puffer-fish!
  • Wide-Angle Seated Forward Pose: extend your arms and legs like a squids tentacles and wiggle around!
  • Rock and Roll Pose: roll around like a hermit crab in it’s shell!
  • Chair Pose: reach high above your head while kneeling to turn your body into a seahorse shape!
  • Upward Facing Dog Pose: arch your back and lift your head high like a swordfish!
  • Child’s Pose: curl into a ball and relax like a stingray!
  • Horse Pose: stretch your arms and legs out. Wiggle them like an octopus!

** This is a digital product. You will receive a PDF or .zip file for you to download and print.