Yoga Cards for Kids: Desert Animal Poses

Yoga Cards for Kids: Desert Animal Poses

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Yoga is a fantastic activity to get kids up and moving! This printable packet is filled with fun Desert Animal Yoga Poses for Kids!

Included in this Packet:

  • Ragdoll Pose: round your back into a camel hump and relax!
  • Frog Pose: Jump like a jack rabbit!
  • Fetal Pose: stretch and slither like a coral snake!
  • Run in Place: Run fast in place like a fennec fox on the hunt!
  • Washing Machine Pose: Flap and fly like a long nosed bat!
  • Balancing Table Pose: Stretch big and turn yourself into a gila monster!
  • Eagle Pose: Spread your wings like an Eagle and soar!
  • Owl Pose: Jump like a kangaroo rat!
  • Rock and Roll Pose – roll around like a hermit crab in it’s shell!
  • Chair Pose: Stretch tall like a meerkat on the lookout!
  • Cat/Cow Pose: deep breathe while you act like a peccary!
  • Rock and Roll Pose: curl into a ball and roll like an armadillo!
  • Turtle Pose: can you walk like to be a tarantula?

** This is a digital product. You will receive a PDF or .zip file for you to download and print.