Yoga Cards for Kids: Zoo Animal Poses

Yoga Cards for Kids: Zoo Animal Poses

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Zoo Yoga Poses for Kids is a printable packet of yoga cards that kids can do with their favorite animals from the zoo. It’s designed to be easy and fun, so it doesn't matter if your child has never done yoga before. 

These zoo yoga cards will help you teach your children about mindfulness and self-care while spending some quality time together as well! It’s also a great way to introduce them to yoga poses in an easy manner. This printable features 12 animal-themed poses that encourage kids to get some exercise, learn about animals, and be creative! These zoo poses are easy enough that even the youngest of yogis can try them out.

You don't need any equipment at all - just some space on the floor and a few minutes each day to make these animal moves come alive!

So take some deep breaths and enjoy the moment with your little one today.

Included in this Zoo Yoga For Kids Printable:

  • Tiger Pose: stretch your arms and legs as you stride like a tiger and purr!
  • Giraffe Pose: stretch tall and proud like a giraffe!
  • Monkey Movement: swing like a monkey!
  • Flamingo Pose: balance gracefully and stretch your wings like a flamingo!
  • Lion's Breath Pose: relax and take a lion sized breath!
  • Turtle Pose: twist and stretch while you pretend you are a turtle with a sturdy shell!
  • Table Pose: pretend to be a proud zebra as you stretch your back and hold your head high!
  • Happy Baby Pose: rock side to side like a cuddly koala!
  • Cobra Pose: stretch and hiss like a fierce cobra!
  • Balancing Table Pose: swing your arms and stretch your elephant trunk as far out as you can!
  • Wide Angle Pose: relax and sit like a panda enjoying a delicious piece of bamboo!
  • Upward Plank Pose: ease back and sunbathe like an alligator!

** This is a digital product. You will receive a PDF or .zip file for you to download and print.

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